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Collaboration with NAMI
Whether you are looking for funding support for your market-oriented research and opportunities for development and applications of your technology inventions, or you are seeking technical expertise/intelligence and market intelligence for achieving continuous success in your business, working with NAMI on nanotechnology and advanced materials is the key. As the technology market-place for nanotechnology and advanced materials, NAMI bridges the gap between and fosters successful collaboration among academic, business, industry and government.
In forming partnerships with NAMI, business, government and industry sectors can benefit from:
  • The cutting-edge research, technical expertise and facilities of NAMI
  • Technological and operational improvements throughout technology transfer process
  • Ready-to-market technologies and products
  • Highly qualified, skilled and educated technology professionals
  • Active collaboration and network that NAMI has established with government departments, educational, research institutes and trade associations
In forming partnerships with NAMI, universities/research institutes can draw on the resources from government and industry sector for achieving scientific advancement and their transformation into marketable products.

NAMI seeks to bridge researchers and industry players on technology incubation through applied R&D projects which can be partly funded by government. At least two invitations for proposals will be issued each year. Guidelines on applications and relevant forms can be found in our website.

Interested parties may contact NAMI’s Business Development Section on Tel.: +852 3511 3453 or send an email to bizdev@nami.org.hk.
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Application Procedures and Guidelines

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