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A Better Healthcare Through Nanotechnology by Prevention, Detection and Formulation

NAMI's Healthcare sector focuses on using innovative materials and nanotechnology to develop a series of core platform technologies to support three major theme areas – Prevention, Detection and Formulations.

Theme Areas

  1. Prevention

  • Prevention is better than cure. NAMI starts leading the game by thinking ahead. In our daily life, things we touch and the air we breathe in are the two major sources that can affect our acute health. We are targeting these two causes in our scientific research and have a number of patentable inventions, such as nanofiber air filter for air-borne particulates as well as durable antimicrobial coating and built-in biocide-free germ-repellent plastics for solid surfaces, which can prevent cross contamination and thus minimize the chance of acquiring serious infectious diseases.
  1. Detection
  • It is critical to have a fast diagnosis of acute health condition so that healthcare providers can prescribe the most appropriate treatment timely. NAMI has started to put in efforts in developing simple fast-react diagnostic tools and more sophisticated Lab-On-Chips for Point-of-Care applications. This involves the design of software component (biomarker chemistry) as well as the hardware model (diagnostic chips). Currently, we focus on applications in infectious diseases and food safety on public health. These core technologies we built in-house will have a great impact across a platform of public healthcare sectors.
  1. Formulations
  • Nanotechnology is an emerging technology to revolutionize the way how medicines are delivered. The formulation not only enhances the drug bioavailability, which leads to use of less drug amounts, but also possibly increases the product shelf life, which is important in a commercial world. NAMI currently works on multiple advanced drug delivery systems for use in various applications such as topical, transdermal, oral and injectable delivery in skincare, health supplement and pharmaceutical industries respectively.
Core Platform Technologies

  1. Nanofiber Technology
  • NAMI's nanofibers possess large surface area to volume ratio, small pore size, as well as unique physical, chemical and biological properties. Due to these distinctive properties, NAMI has successfully established cutting-edge technologies in filtration and delivery. In air filtration, we have developed bacteria-killing and virus-trapping protective masks having high breathability. The success will lead to more innovative products such as respiratory filters and protective clothing. We are currently exploring the potential of using nanofiber for water filtration applications. In drug delivery, we have developed functional nanofibers capable of releasing active ingredients, resulting in next generation skin masks and dressings/scaffolds for effective skin penetration and wound management, respectively.
  1. Injectable Technology
  • NAMI has developed various advanced delivery systems suitable for different injection settings, including intravenous, subcutaneous/intramuscular and bone reinforcement injection. The technology focuses on encapsulation of active ingredients using different biocompatible materials for improving drug delivery and its bioavailability. Equipment such as high pressure homogenizer, spray dryer and freeze dryer has been adopted for the development.