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The Energy Sector focuses on the following technologies to meet the ongoing and future needs of the market:
  1. Power Battery - Fast Charge Battery, High Energy Density Battery, Safe Battery and Battery Management
  2. Smart Device - Energy & Sensing Device and Optoelectronic Device
  3. Smart Component - Energy Saving and Thermal Management Technologies
1. Power Battery
Energy storage is an essential component for electronics, mobiles, electrical vehicles and large-scale energy storage. Lithium-ion Battery (LIB) possesses the highest energy density amongst all energy storages in the market:

Fast Charge Battery
  • Spinel Lithium Manganese Oxide (LMO) cathode with fast charging time of below 12 mins and longer life of over 2000 cycles (compared to 2-4 hours and >300-500 cycles for typical LCO)
  • Carbon and electrolyte formulation which allows working with high current pulse at extreme temperature (-40 to +85°C)
  • Thermal dissipation materials which not only help dissipate excessive heat during fast charging but also reduce the size of the charger

High Energy Density Battery
  • Lithium-rich (NCM) cathode with a specific capacity of 250mAh/g (compared to 160mAh/g of a typical LCO battery)
  • 5V spinel (LMNO) cathode with high cell voltage and a low-cost silicon anode with 1000mAh/g capacity

Safe Battery
  • Irreversible, safe battery technology based on polymer ball
  • Reversible ceramic Positive-Temperature-Coefficient (PTC) materials

Battery Management
  • Simulation program to assist screening and synthesis of cathode materials to shorten the time-to-market and reduce the cost of development
  • LIB lifetime prediction technologies for battery health monitoring system, smart charging and battery management system
2. Smart Device
It is derived from metal and metal oxide based composites technologies and can be used in energy generation, sensor and optoelectronic devices:

Energy & Sensing Device
  • Composite conductor and flexible piezoelectric composite for sensing and self-powered devices with application in healthy living
  • Ultra-flexible piezoelectric composite film for minor force sensing and energy harvesting
  • New non-Newtonian composite for protection covering applications like healthy aging, occupation and sports protection

Optoelectronic Device
  • High performance transparent conductive film (TCF) with transparency over 90% and sheet resistance below 1ohm/sq
  • TCF integrated optoelectronic devices, for example TCF integrated LED and thin-film speaker
3. Smart Component
Polymer-ceramic composites are not only used as energy-saving insulation coating but also in thermal management such as LED heatsink and heating element:

Energy Saving
  • Ceramic composite insulation coating for hot pipe and reactor
  • Polymer composite in water based binder materials including the electrodes of LIB, which saves energy and is environmentally friendly
  • Specific polymer binder formulation to lower the mixing temperature of asphalt and hence save energy

Thermal Management
  • Thermally conductive plastic composite for cooling of LED and other plastic compatible engineering parts which helps to reduce manufacturing cost and increase its lifetime
  • Polymer composite to produce flexible heater for application in clothing, steering wheel heating and self-limit household heating
  • Ceramic composite for high temperature heater of up to 600°C