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The NAMI’s Consortium is open to all interested in nanotechnology and advanced materials.

Some of the planned activities for NAMI's Consortium are:
  • Workshops, Conferences, and Symposiums
  • Networking events for Industries
  • Newsletter to exchange information among participants
  • Industry Forum

Through its membership network and other year-round activities, NAMI's Consortium maintains a platform to facilitate business networking, technology updates, incubation of new ideas and projects as well as to make available technology to meet the evolving needs of industry. Throughout the year, NAMI's Consortium sends out newsletters to, conducts regular industry-specific conferences, symposiums, and networking events for researchers from local research institutes, business leaders, industry experts and end-users. The ultimate aim is through this process of cross-fertilization of ideas, local companies will be able to enhance their competitiveness in the market and the reputation and the recognition of the research capabilities of Hong Kong amplified.

Working with a growing list of members, collaborators and partners, NAMI's Consortium is at the forefront in business acceleration and technology transfer in the increasingly important areas of nanotech and advanced materials in Hong Kong.